Meyer Transportation 
Consultants, Inc.
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MTC has received certification as a Small Business Enterprise from Tennessee's Office of Business Diversity

About Us

We have been practicing transportation engineering for over 40 years in the public and private 
sectors of the business.  Many of the problems that municipalities and counties see today have 
been solved by our experienced staff.

Can you do projects in our state?

We are registered professional engineers in the following states.

♦ Alabama ♦ Arkansas ♦ Florida ♦ Georgia ♦ Illinois 
♦ Kentucky ♦ Louisiana ♦ Maryland ♦ Minnesota ♦ Mississippi
♦ North Carolina ♦ South Carolina ♦ Tennessee ♦ Virginia ♦ Washington, D.C.

If your state is not listed, we are NCEES Certified and can obtain a State Civil Engineering License very quickly.

MTC is Pre-Qualified by TDOT to perform Traffic Engineering Services.

Our President
Stephen E. Meyer, MSc, P.E. 
President and Founder of Meyer Transportation Consultants, Inc.  

• Graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with   a Bachelor of Science in Engineering with a concentration in           Mechanical and Systems Engineering. 
• Graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Masters of         Science in Civil Engineering. 
• Registered Professional Engineer in 14 states and 
  Washington D.C.
• Signal Systems Engineer for the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
• County Engineer for Hamilton County Government, Tennessee.
• Vice President of Engineering, GES, Inc.
• Assistant Vice President, Volkert & Associates, Inc.
• Vice President of Engineering and Development, 
   Excalibur Integrated Systems, Inc.
• Branch Manger for the Chattanooga Office, 
   Alfred Benesch and Company.