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We have participated in various types of transportation planning and engineering projects.  Below is a small sample.
Chattanooga Regional ITS System Design


♦ Client - City of Chattanooga

♦ Contact - John Van Winkle, P.E., (423) 643-5959

♦ Group – Volkert, Inc.

♦ Project Description – 

    •  Prepared construction plans for 380 traffic signals, 70 surveillance cameras and 70                           Dynamic Message Signs (DMS)

   •  Identified optimal operational characteristics through a Systems Engineering Analysis Report

   •  Authored successful funding documents totaling $10 million

Chattanooga ITS Surveillance Camera Early Deployment Project - Chattanooga,                 Tennessee

♦  Client - Tennessee Department of Transportation

♦  Contact - Alan Wolfe - (423) 510-1139

♦  Group – Volkert, Inc.

♦  Project Description – 

     Prepared plans for 64 surveillance cameras and communication system to cover over 50                  miles of I-24, I-75, US-27, and SR-153 in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area

    •  Coordinated with local, two State agencies and the Federal Highway Administration.


On-Call Traffic Signal Design Contract

♦  Client - Tennessee Department of Transportation

♦  Contact - Landon Castleberry - (423) 510-1208

♦  Group – Volkert, Inc.

♦  Project Description – 

  • Provided services to TDOT for six years from Memphis to Mountain City, and from Clarksville to Chattanooga, Tennessee.
  • Completed over 80 intersection and arterial traffic signal designs and traffic safety evaluations. 
  • Included site evaluation of intersections and arterials, span wire and mast arm designs, communications design, signal timing plan development and traffic simulation evaluations

I-75 Interchange Signal System, Hamilton County, Tennessee


♦  Client - Tennessee Department of Transportation

♦  Contact - Fritz Brogdon, P.E. - (423) 756-7193

♦  Group – Volkert, Inc.

♦  Project Description – 

  • Designed 4 traffic signal installations located at the I-75 ramps at Exit 11
  • Prepared construction plans, specifications, and contract documents for widening the roadway to 8 lanes and interchange improvements
  • Solicited bids and coordinated all design aspects according to the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) specifications 
  • Included fiber optic cabling between master and remote controllers

Traffic Impact Study of VW Manufacturing Facility, Chattanooga, Tennessee


♦  Client - City of Chattanooga
♦  Contact - John Van Winkle, P.E., (423) 643-5959

♦  Group – Volkert, Inc.

♦  Facility Characteristics - This 3000 acre industrial park is located in     an urban setting                     between Highway 58 and I-75, north of Bonny Oaks Drive in Hamilton County, 

    Tennessee. The plant employs over 2,000 people and in the first year of production the plant           produced over 150,000 vehicles. 

♦  Project Description – 

  • Consulted with City and County officials and VW to predict development of the Tier 1 and Tier 2 industries that might locate in the park to support VW.
  • Projected traffic generated for the horizon years of 2011, 2015 and 2035.
  • Developed traffic simulations for 36 intersections and 3 railroad crossings to determine what infrastructure improvements were required and estimated costs for those improvements for each horizon year.  


MTC is Pre-Qualified by TDOT to perform Traffic Engineering Services.