Our Services

As an experienced transportation engineering firm, we have the capacity and technical expertise to


successfully deliver projects at every phase in every community we serve, from preliminary planning


through final project implementation.   Our areas of expertise include:

    •  Traffic Engineering Studies

    •  Traffic Simulation Development and Interpretation

    •  Signal Timing Plan Development and Implementation 

    •  Traffic Operations Troubleshooting

    •  Traffic Impact Studies

    •  Traffic Impact Simulations

    •  Traffic Impact Study Reviews

    •  Traffic Safety Studies

    •  Alternative Solutions for Congested Arterials

    •  Coordination with State and Federal Agencies

    •  Grant Writing

    •  Preparation of Special Presentations  

    •  Traffic Department Strategic Planning 

    •  ITS System Concept, Design and Implementation

    •  Project Cost and Schedule Estimation

    •  Quality Assurance and Quality Control of Traffic Design Plans

    •  Superstreet Analyses

    •  Superstreet Simulations

Signal Timing Plan Development
Synchro Analyses and Simulations
Current Publications
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